Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Very very very little time left, or, Those Damned Kilt Hose, or, Whose Bright Idea Was This, or, Mine: I am the Idiot

I am posting from work, because if I post from home, I will inevitably waste precious and very limited hose-knitting time. They are about 25 cm long, from the tip of the short-row heel to the live stitches on needles, and if I remember correctly - and given how many times I've looked at the post-it with the measurements on it, I believe I am correct - the FBIL's leg is 26 cm from heel to bottom of the kneecap, which is where the fold on the stockings should sit. So I'll complete the side and front patterns I'm on right now, do a little 1X1 ribbing to snug them in above the calf, and then on to the turn-over cuff! I think we're doing some sort of honeycomb or smocking stitch. Honestly, I'm going to do whichever is fastest. I'm quite open to suggestions if anyone is feeling informative and merciful.
I have 11 days to get these things finished (despite whatever madness that counter in the sidebar may be telling you). And while this has turned all insanity, I will admit to two things: I have, actually, quite enjoyed knitting these (I won't mind doing a second pair for The Man), and, if I do say so myself, they are freaking beautiful. Thank you, Vogue Knitting Encyclopedia, for the Hollow Oak pattern, and thank you, oh thank you, dear, sweet, Girl from Auntie, for the simple celtic cable pattern: I, truly, could not have done this without you.

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