Friday, July 27, 2007

Newly acquired, or, It's EASE-y Being Green

Isn't it nice to finally know what people are talking about? I've read about Lion Brand Cotton Ease from time to time, but never encountered it myself. Well, the local Michael's now carries it! I'm a big fan of supporting my LYS but, unfortunately, she just isn't open at enough non-workday hours for me to visit her regularly, and sometimes a girl just needs to buy yarn! Earlier this week - Wednesday, if I recall correctly - I felt just such a need, so it was off to Michael's to see what could be found. And find I did!

Chartreuse Cotton EaseClose-up of the green Cotton Ease worked in seed stitch

This is the beginning of a baby cardi - for one of the many babies I know of scheduled to be born next year - based on a pattern from Summer IK 07. I've altered the stitch pattern significantly so that the seed stitch edge blends into the body of the garment, with random single purls scattered across the fabric, becoming more and more diffuse towards the top. It's a nice, bright chartreuse colour - I find the onslaught of pastels and primary colours in infant and children's clothing irritating and pedantic - and is soft and lovely. And let me just say: I am so thrilled that the Cotton Ease hype is not bunk. I love this yarn. It almost feels like microfibre, but without the strange "fakey" feel so many highly finished yarns often have. Not the cheapest yarn I've used but for a tiny cardi it's lovely and also affordable.

Oh, and I have other recent acquisitions to show you! But you will juuuuust have to wait.

1 comment:

  1. Hee hee, but to me it feels like a nicer version of kitchen cotton.

    It's not bad, but I won't go replacing my Cotton Plus with it anytime soon :-)



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