Sunday, July 08, 2007

Spandex tubes! or, Now with a title

**Now with 100% more title!**

Grr, now blogger won't let me post titles, either! Hmph...blogger...

There is something deeply satisfying about being asked by a friend to make a dress that she has been hoping to wear for several years. A lovely girl from dancing asked me to make her and her friend from high school dresses based on a picture from a magazine circa 1988. Brightly coloured, spandex tank dresses. So I measured them carefully, calculated negative ease, broke out the old rolls of wallpaper, and chalked out some girl outlines! I was rather wishing I had a serger by the end of it, but with only two seams, and simple topstitching around the neckline, armscyes and hem, I was finished fairly quickly, and was really pleased with the result! They were surprisingly flattering, and both girls seemed very happy with their dresses. Have some pictorial evidence:

commencement dresses

In other news, our puppy is fluffy and clean, we have laundry laundrying at this very moment, and things are coming along. I'm feeling inarticulate, so I'll sign off, and go work on those never-ending hose.

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