Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Something good, or, Ding! Dong! The bells are gonna ring!

There's something strange and satisfying and special about having a secret. Even more special, is when we are commissioned with possessing the secret of a friend, a joyous secret, something dear. I have spent the past few days with the knowledge of just such a secret, and it has been sweet and lovely.

Ah, Saturday. May I just say: thank God it is over. It rained. It rained a LOT. There was a downpour at exactly 2pm, precisely when the ceremony was scheduled to begin. The bridal party hid out under a large umbrella, under a large tree - where a very strange and effusive woman, who was picnicking nearby, kept talking to us and trying to rub my sister for good luck - for five minutes until the sky cleared and the sun came out. The ceremony was nice and not too short - my attitude is: you're planning to be married forever, so why not take half an hour to have a nice ceremony and speak some words? - and precipitate-free. The song I had chosen to sing during the signing of the register went well - big kudos to The Man for discerning and learning the piece in only two weeks - and everyone looked beautiful.

The party - or, hoe-down, as it may perhaps be better called - was fabulous. Lots of food - potluck! - lots of wine, two kegs, which had to be replenished with the purchasing of many two-fours about halfway through the dinner - ummm....we're hosers... - some lovely Dominican cigars, and much, much merriment! I had my 7 closest cousins all in the same place, at the same time, something which has not happened in near-on to a decade; I hadn't realised how much I'd missed it. I had WAY more wine than I should have, an entire cigar, managed not to mess up the song for the first-dance too badly, though it was nearly an hour after dinner concluded, during which I had done much imbibing. A fun and memorable, if un-remembered, time. I was exhausted and dehydrated the next day, but thanks to the skillful application of 2am pizza, fluids, vitamins, and extra-strength ibuprofen, pretty good. I slept all day. It was wonderful.


And toward the end of the night, I learned something wonderful, simple words whispered in confidence, and I've been ecstatic since.

Of course, with all the madness and the partying, I wasn't able to snap a really quality shot of the hose. I'll remedy that and post the details soon.

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  1. I thinks I have an inklings of what said you know what could be ;-)

    Sounds like a great time. I'm going to have to scan the Weddings and Engagements section of the paper so I can find brides to rub before I buy my lottery tickets!



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