Tuesday, October 04, 2011

100 word birth stories

The ever-thoughtful and thought-provoking Bluebirdmama recently put out a call for birth stories in 100 words or less. Since my own birth stories are decidedly un-short, I welcomed the challenge. Here are the girls' stories:


Wake at 5am. OMG I’m peeing my bed! No control.
5:30am cramping. OMG and I’m constipated, too?! 

Call the midwife. “Not even 36 weeks! Not good,” but I know: we’re fine.
Labouring around the house, shower, resting, working.

This is what we do.

Midwife arrives: time to go NOW.
Doula, midwife, husband, me in the room, laughing between contractions. So excited:

I’m going to meet my baby!!

1:40pm: Now pushing on my feet, on my knees, on the bed. Happening quickly. Everyone hollering, “Slow down!” Oops: burning and pop! Relief. Head, now body. She’s here.




7pm:  hint of contractions. Slowly, things beginning. Powerful.
Body working, mind excited, sure: another early baby.
Cuddling Glynis. Belly henna. Laughing.

Then: not good. It’s all wrong.
Terrible stomach pain. Calling the midwife.
Kneeling on the floor. Praying. Pleading.

“This is not how I die.”

1am: call doula, call Mom, wake Glynis. No homebirth: rush to hospital.
Midwife waiting. Bloodwork. Monitors: baby is fine, body still working hard.

Severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP.

Break waters.
Acupressure.  Swaying... s w a y i n g
So sick. But strong.

I AM going to do this.


Sleep. Bear down. Sleep. Then p u s h
…through fear, tissue.



“You're real!"

scarlet two weeks


  1. This is an interesting challenge: how do I put three weeks of my hospitalization w/my own pre-e and HELLP, plus Rebecca's NICU experience, into 100 words? Must think on that...

    Thanks for sharing your stories! I wish I could get to blogs more often, I always enjoy your photography and your stories.

    ~ Audrey S. from Knittyboard

  2. I love these stories. So intense. You really capture the beauty and excitement. Thanks for joining in the challenge. I was so happy to read yours.



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