Thursday, September 07, 2006


Isn't it lovely to discover you're doing things wrong?

I delivered the scarf and gauntlets from my previous post to the recipient, and she was delighted; really really thrilled, which, of course, was a thrill to me! As I suspected, her younger sister - who has punk aspirations, as well - took one look at the gauntlets and
coveted. It was adorable, really, super cute. So they negotiated, and I brought home the left-over balls of yarn to knit some more gauntlets.

After many, many froggings, I got a look at the first pair I'd made. Low and behold, I hadn't cast on 20 stitches, I'd cast on 32. Big difference. For the record, though, if you're looking to make child-sized gauntlets, 20 would be just right.

I should really write these things down as I do memory is trashed!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

We'll travel round the world, just you and me, Punk Rock Girl

Sometimes a punk needs a big red scarf...

Several weeks ago, a very dear friend of mine asked me to knit her a scarf. She knew that I knit, and she hadn't been able to find the scarf she wanted, so she asked. And of course I happily agreed!

She picked out some soft, fluffy yarn from which I could knit my punker friend a punky scarf: Paton's Melody in bright red, and Bernat's Harmony in black. I knit them together; it made a nice marl, very rockin'.

My very bestest dog, Wembley, agreed. She kept trying to use the scarf as a bed...

...sometimes while I was knitting it. Nothing better than knitting in bed, watching some Buffy, hangin' with my puppy!

And here's the finished scarf. It's giant. It's huge. It's verging on ridiculous. But she asked for an oversized, chunky scarf, and by gosh, by golly, that's what she's got!

Here's Michelle's scarf:

While we were at Michael's finding her yarn, she says to me "Now we have to check out the Halloween section to look for skulls." Because that's part of the thrill of being friends with a punk: you're always on the lookout for another good skull.

Which got me to thinking: a big marl-y scarf is nice, but one that comes with matching skull-adorned gauntlets, fab!!

So I used this pattern for the gauntlets (4mm dpn, casting on only 20 stitches) and I used this pattern for the skulls. This was my first colourwork attempt, so it was an interesting experiment. The wrong side looks rather horrific, all crazy strands going every which-way, but I think the right sides turned out well. I'm very pleased!

Here are some pics of the completed gauntlets, perfect for a rib-breaking mosh pit, or *ahem* catching a quick cig between bands at a show.

I like this pic, shows off my manicure!

Thanks for having me do this for you, Michelle, it was fun!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

First blog ever!

Woohoo! So...blogging...alright! I swore I wouldn't get sucked into this (you know, like I said about MSN and text-messaging....) but here we are. At least I haven't bought into myspace, right?

In my explorations of the 'interweb' of late, I have noticed the proliferance of knitting blogs. Hey! I knit, and I'm proud of what I knit, and I frequently make mistakes from which others may learn - or gain much, much amusement. I should blog my adventures in needle-iness!

More importantly, I am days (perhaps a couple weeks...) from embarking on the fabulous odyssey which is handspinning. Yarn is expensive, particularly the lovely lumpy handspun I crave; unspun fiber is not, hence spinning.

Join me on my quest to
spin the Golden Fleece.


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