Thursday, August 05, 2010

Holy break in posting, Batman!

Yikes, three months since my last post!  Way to not post, eh?  I can't say that a lot of exciting things have happened, because that's not quite true, but neither has absolutely nothing happened. It was more that what did happen was rather disheartening, and led to my not posting.

So we were supposed to move to McLeod St.  Didn't happen.  Ass-bastard of a landlord decided he didn't like me (I'm an uppity wummun, after all, full of opinions and made of trouble) and summarily kicked us out two days after we got the keys.  We still had the place we were moving out of for another month, so we took the boxes we'd moved into the new place, moved them back in to the townhouse, and started looking again.  We put on a major press looking for a new place, and we were extremely blessed to find our new apartment in only a few days.  We're right back downtown, only two blocks from where we lived before the fire, an eight-minute walk from The Recruiter's office, and a five-minute walk from church.  We're thrilled.  Living in a highrise still feels rather novel - I've never lived with an elevator before, but we're quite enjoying it.

As a result of this little housing drama, though, we were fairly mid-move for the better part of two and a half months.  Add to that that we are pretty solidly "home" people - well, I am - and this whole ordeal really threw me off.  And that led to me not really having the time or energy to post: packing with a toddler, and climbing over the boxes takes a lot of energy!

Not a whole lot else has happened, I'm afraid.  Peanut and I spent a week up at my old summer camp two weeks ago.  I served as chaplain (it's a church camp) and Peanut served as resident two-year-old and general disrupter of all things.  The staff loved her, she loved them, and she learned to eat everything!  She started really going to town on all foods right after we moved into the new apartment, but up at camp she really figured out this whole food thing.  She ate every meal - more or less - and discovered new foods that she loves.  Pancakes are a big hit - huge, in fact - and now she'll oranges!  It's awesome.  :)

What with all the moving there hasn't been a lot of sewing, and even less knitting, but there's been a bit: more to come in that soon!

And because a post without a pic is lame-o:


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  1. Aww she is just adorable. Glad to hear you've found a good place to settle down. At least you found out how much of an ass the landlord was at that other place before it was too late.



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