Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beyond the Curtain, or, What Curtain?! It's 2007 for goodness sake!

Very little in the way of actual planning or preparation for the Super Dance Expedition to Moscow has happened, however, I have commenced Operation Find-Out-If-I-Can-Knit-On-The-Plane. I read, sadly, on the Knittyboard that EU regulations prohibit knitting needles in carry-on luggage (though they do allow pens and pencils; I fail to see the logic). Grr...It's a long flight, and no matter how fabulous a novel I have with me, I think I'll start craving some sock yarn at some point. BUT, today I read on the lovely blog The Giving Flower about the author's "airplane knitting" on her flight from Germany to the US. So I have renewed - but hesitant - hope for on-flight knitting. Let's all hope I fly out on a day with low security alert warnings, happy airport security officers and cheerful flight attendants. That would be super.

I have some knitting to show you as well as some goodies from my dear aunt, but I'm blogging from work, the things to show you are at home, and I have no way of uploading photos here anyway; you'll all just have to wait! :)

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  1. I say bring the needles--but bring a SASE so you can mail them back to yourself if they don't let you. You can use the SASE to mail yourself souvenir yarn back if you get them thru security! ;-)



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