Saturday, May 11, 2013

eleven hundred days

Eleven hundred days. That's how long it took for me to get from this


to this.


There were two moves, a pregnancy, work-related nonsense, birth-related goodness (seriously: neither of my sister's children were even born when I cast on this thing!) and three entire years in between. That is madness! That is inexcusable. But it was worth the wait. Totally, absolutely, worth the wait.

The details ('cause once upon a time this was actually a knitting blog)

Pattern: The Katharine Hepburn Cardigan from IK's Lace Style
Yarn: Louet Gems, which happens to be the yarn suggested
Needles: cheapo Aero circulars in 3.5 and 3.75, the suggested sizes
Adaptations: not a one
Findings: mother-of-pearl buttons

Now let's have some more badly framed selfies, shall we?

Louet Gems is a gem of a yarn

almost too short...almost...

love this stitch pattern

cropped cardi

the back

It's perfect. Ok, it's almost too short. Almost. I might be able to block it out a little bit longer and eke out another half inch in the body, but I'm not complaining. No-sirree-bob. What became the running joke in the home-stretch of knitting this cardi was whether it would even fit. "Are you even the same size you were when you started? Hyuk hyuk hyuk!" I knew that I am, but still I started to worry that the negative ease I opted for when I chose the size I did would prove a little too negative. But it was not to worry: the size is just right.

I finished this two weeks ago, and since then it has been almost non-stop 25C+ days. Not precisely wool cardi weather. Today is grey and rainy and cool. I'm a very happy knitter, cuddled in my lovely acid yellow sweater. This cardigan is made of spring. Spring and unicorn hair and awesomeness.



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