Friday, July 06, 2007

The Machine Room, or, A Word of Advice

Should you ever be in a position where you are responsible for leasing office space, I highly recommend ensuring that the spaces you consider are located in buildings with sufficient, appropriate, and accessible storage space for archival purposes. Should you fail to do so, you may find that one of your little workers, working in the office on her own, may have to walk down the street to another office building, where storage space has been acquired, to help storage rental movers load the sheet-metal shelves into the very small elevator - two trips - travel up to the top
floor of the building, carry them up an additional flight of stairs to the MACHINE ROOM on the roof, which is small, and dirty, and very very load, and filled with a boiler, and various exposed and spinning belts working machines that are noisy, travelling up and down the seven stories in the small, enclosed, elevator with the two relatively pleasant, but rather ripe-smelling gentlemen. All because you couldn't find a building with space onsite.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh! What a horrible day's work! Hopefully a nice hot bath will make everything better. Once I worked for a company whose storage situation was less perilous, but equally dank: I spent two days in a torchlit basement negotiating broken office furniture to reorganize ancient files on companies which had probably gone under by then anyway.

    I've been thinking about your comment. It's a fascinating point and a very appealing comparison. If I have anything to add to it, I might write a post about it.



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