Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Context can be everything, or, A Nother Thought

Isn't it strange how there are some things I will gladly - joyfully, sorrowfully, embarrassedly - share with 3000 largely-nameless, largely-faceless people on the knittyboard that I am not willing or able or ready to share with my closest, dearest friends and family in my actual, real life? The Board is such a comfort, so often, for that very reason. In so many ways, it is such a blessing.
The oddity is that this blog may be where my two circles of friends and acquaintances intersect. I have knitty-friends reading this blog, and I have "real" friends reading from time-to-time. And occasionally I wonder if the imaginary and interwebby wall between the two worlds will collapse, and everything will comingle and conjoin. I'm not sure I'd be ready for that if it happened.
So let's keep them separate, shall we? My brain isn't ready for added complication!

1 comment:

  1. You're thinking about it too hard. That gets me in trouble all the time ;-)



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