Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just text, or, What a Smockery!

I know, I know, another one without a picture. And I have things to show you, too! Grr. I have appointments in the early afternoon on Thursday, so hopefully I'll have some nice sunshine to take some nice shiny pictures for you. Backyard photoshoot time!

The kilt hose are probably about 7 hours from finished, maybe less. And I have three and a half words for you: I love smocking-stitch! Oh my word, it is just lovely. It's easy to do, easy to keep count (four rows!) and it's thick and textured. It's knitting a beautiful turn-over cuff. I cannot wait to see these things blocked and worn.

I'm looking forward to knitting something else, since I've been knitting these hose every day on the way to work and at home in the evening for....forever? Alright, not that long, but it will be nice to start something new, or tie up some of those loose ends (check the sidebar).

I do have other things to say, and some of it is non-knitting related, but for now, kilt hose. I have a cold Creemore on my coffee table, some ice cream in the freezer, and many hours of knitting in my near future!

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