Friday, July 27, 2007

Un giorno bello di estate, or, Look Ahead and Grumble

Today is one of those really, truly beautiful summer days. I'm a fan of winter and late autumn and early spring (all the pollen-free months, coincidentally) and all the knitwear opportunities the season present. But some days, when the weather is lovely, and the humidity is low, when the sun shines brightly and lovingly and the grass and trees are vibrantly green, I wish - for a moment - that I could live in a land of perpetual summer. Today is such a day. And the fact that there is absolutely no one else in the office doesn't help, as it merely serves to tempt me to ditch work and go read or knit in the sun, toes in the grass, cold drink at my side. Sigh. Responsibility.

I have added to The Stash rather significantly of late - as the stash was rather minimal to begin with, it really takes very little in the way of acquisition to increase it to a large degree, proportionately speaking - and I am looking very forward to a small yarn expedition with mum tomorrow. I have a gift certificate. She has a discount card. Life is good.

With the yarn, I have started a new project. I do not have a picture, yet. Later this afternoon (not so much later; I am TOTALLY blowing off work early!) I'll take some snaps of the newest members of the yarn family and post the plans. So far, what I've done is quite adorable. I'm pleased.

Finally, on a less joyful note, why exactly is it that specialists are so damned hard to get in to see? I mean, seriously: after being diagnosed epileptic for a dozen years, I actually really need to see my neurologist. I've always been completely controlled by medication, and truly, I seem to have got off very very lucky in regard to the relative non-existence of my symptoms. But now, looking ahead, I need to see him. The soonest appointment? November 14. November-freaking-fourteenth!~! I am quite hoping that by then, the appointment will be too late! So now it's another unnecessary visit to the GP just so she can promise to refer me to someone else. Which, frankly, bites (how eloquent, I know) because I do like my neuro quite a bit; he's a great guy, and seems to have many women patients who are in a similar "stage of life", so he is very well versed in the many issues I am facing.

It's frustrating that, after 12 years of faithful pill-taking, and EEG's and CT-scans and MRI's that I now have to feel worried and fearful. I don't like it. There is enough going on, just generally, that I do not want the added stress of the many strings of "what-if's" that rattle through my brain daily. So I take my vitamins and avoid researching the topic because it's all research I've read before and only serves to make me more worked up than had I just not read up on it at all. Argh.

On deck for tonight: concert downtown with The Man, and tomorrow: yarn! And looking forward: the Glengarry Highland Games next weekend, at which I should see a dear old friend on whom I have not set eyes in nearly 5 years. Squee!

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  1. Well on the plus side, at least you're planning for this "stage of life." I had a friend back in Lansing that got pg on her epileptic meds. She really lucked out that her kid turned out OK.
    But yeah 11/14 is a ways off!



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