Friday, July 13, 2007

At long, long, last, or, Let the Sun Shine!

The hose are finished. I finished casting off the second stocking at about 7:05 this morning, having stayed up until after 1am last night casting off the first stocking, soaked them quickly under the bathtub faucet and blocked them. Lacking proper sock blockers, I pinned them out on a mesh sweater drier, where I block all my sweaters. Hopefully, they will be dry by this evening when I get home after work. Let's keep our collective digits crossed.

I'll take pics before I unpin, and oodles tomorrow when they are in situ and fully kiltified (like that? I just made up that word. I like it). Again, hopefully, there will be lots of natural light by which to take stunning pictures. At the moment, sources are calling for scattered showers/thunderstorms through the afternoon. Which is when the outdoor, non-tented ceremony is scheduled to take place in a park. We shall see.

The stockings look good, the rehearsal was relatively free of actual rehearsing, but a great deal of fun was had - the groomsmen, none of whom I had ever met before, are all fantastic guys, and I'm looking forward to partying with them tomorrow night - and all the many parents involved mingled pleasantly despite all the divorces and present ex's (yes, both my parents and the FBIL's parents are split, and all but his mother have now found new spouse's. It's absolute madness).

Sigh. The chaos and general craziness are almost over, and I found myself actually getting excited for this wedding yesterday evening! I've been so stressed and pre-occupied what with wedding issues, work issues, and that car accident, that I've found it difficult to really be 'into' this wedding. But yay! Lil' Sis will be married in 26 hours! I'm very happy for them both.

My promise: good, beautiful pics of the hose as soon as possible. A full documenting of the hose and the wedding is to come!


  1. I just wanna see the kiltastic hose in action! Ha ha!

  2. Yes, bring on the kilt pr0n! Well done for meeting the deadline.

    Fingers crossed for a dry and very happy day.



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