Friday, October 28, 2011


Sitting in my living room, at this moment I hear Peanut's voice laughing and screeching as she chases our dog, singing nonsense songs while she 'cooks' her pretend food in her play kitchen. I hear Bubby, lying on her belly and spinning in pre-crawling circles, cooing and babbling to herself. I hear the clatter of toys and the crunching sounds of our dog eating her breakfast.

Somewhere, under all that happy din, is my voice. It's somewhere buried in my head. It is speaking, or trying, with too many thoughts to even be coherent. It is trying to get out, but most days I simply cannot find it.

Such is the problem with writing while being an at-home parent. Finding the opportunity to construct a coherent thought let alone actually write it down is challenging at best. And it's frustrating, knowing that there are potential posts, articles, goodness knows what else, locked inside, simply waiting for the chance to break free and come to life.

I may need to start having weekly Bridgehead wifi dates with myself in order to get the words out. I adore my girls, but it's important to listen to - and speak with - my own voice, too.

on the floor


  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    it's important to listen to - and speak with - my own voice, too.

    Absolutely. It's really hard, sometimes, to let myself do that. Basic things, like sleeping and eating, I'm usually good about those; it's writing, and other feel-good things like that about which I feel guilty when I take time out to do them. But really, they're just as important as the others - and my mental health is just as important as my physical health!

  2. Yes! " let myself do that". That's it exactly. Where does all the mommy-guilt over doing for ourselves come from?'s so tricky...



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