Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today's lesson, or, Scattered Pearls

Alright, Green Baby Cardi. A lesson in gauge, counting, measuring, and generally paying attention. The first photo is of the back. Working from the pattern by Michelle Rose Orne in VK Summer '07 I cast on and worked in seed stitch, working in a more and more scattered pattern as I moved up the back. I worked left and right-leaning decreases in the centre of the back for shaping, and after about two or three fairly short evenings, had bound off. Fantastic.

I began the left front panel. Working in the same way, with scattered purl stitches throughout the section, I completed it in a day. Brilliant.

Not so brilliant was the rather glaring discrepancy in the size of back and front sections. Now, I'm aware that I did not gauge as thoroughly as I should have (I checked stitches, but not so much rows) and I know for a fact that I occasionally lost count of the rows I had knit, but I am certain that I checked the length of the front against the length of the back. I remember doing it! Unfortunately, there is little evidence of that to be seen. Even more sadly: neither piece is the right size.

So it's off to the frog pond with them both, a hard-learned lesson in impatience and the value of precision.


  1. Ouch! If it's any consolation, I ripped out Duo twice before I got it the right size: first time, because of gauge woes, and the second time, because after the time it took me to work out the gauge, my son had grown out of the size I was making...

  2. But once it's finished it will be very nice.

    (I'm trying for the silver lining.)



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