Hi there. My name is Darlene and I wrote all this.

I walk with Jesus. I explore with my girls. I debate with my husband. I adore my family.
I make things. All kinds of things. Things made out of fabric and yarn and wood and still more yarn and food.
I doula. I adorn. I participate in blessing.
I dance. I sing. I praise. I reflect. I wonder. I imagine.

Scarlet and Glynis

I believe that life is big.
I believe that the big things are really very small. Little moments. Little memories. Little joys. Strung together to make life what it is.

I believe in women. I believe in birth.
help women believe in it, too.

I believe in ceremony. I believe in marking time.
I believe in ritual and sacredness.

I believe that we are not in this alone.
I believe that we are loved.
I believe that we are meant to live love.

mcleods walking

Let's walk together.


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