Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Because she's cute, or, Again

Lookit 'er! Lookit! How sweet is that?

Flickr gives me better resolution than youtube, oddly enough. Plus, then Gran only has to go to one spot on the interweb to see her sweet grand-baby.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vid-fest, or, Tuesday afternoon

Thank you to everyone who read or commented on my last post. It isn't that I'm not absolutely satisfied and pleased with being a mother: far from it! It's that in the years since our class left undergrad and went on to careers and post-grads and what-all, it's almost the only thing I have accomplished of which I am proud. I should, by now, have done more, and I say that not because it's what I was told or what I've heard or what others have done, but because it's what I feel and know in my soul.

For the time being, however, just hanging out with my girl is fabulous. She is five months and two weeks old, now, and is particularly chatty today. She's all wrapped up and on my back, and we've been doing laundry and pulling hair, respectively (she's awfully good at sorting clothes, and I do love me some hair pulling!). And just in case it's hard to believe that, yes, I do have an shockingly cute baby whom I adore, here is the proof:

Isn't she something? I'm so smitten.


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