Friday, December 01, 2006

Scarves, snow, and swaddled puppies

This morning, I woke up to some lovely snow on the ground! It seems lovely and fitting that I finished the scarf for my mum for Christmas.

Back in October, when I made up my list, I planned to make her some sort of lace wrap. That turned into a lace scarf. But I fell in love with SWS in the "Earth" colourway. So the lace scarf became a "lacey" scarf. And I am very happy with it.

I used the Dream Swatch pattern from The Garter Belt
, knit on 7mm needles. It turned out very nicely. Four balls of yarn, with a good bit left over from stripe matching. A nice, moderately long, lacey scarf. Blocked the heck out of it, and it drapes into a slight ripple due to the crossed stitches. She's going to love it!

Next up: things to felt and fingerless gloves. Knitting felted potholders is going to be great (ok, boring, maybe) and easy to do when I'm distracted or half asleep. Nice...

Wembley got into the spirit of the snowy season and had a bath and a nice swaddled snuggle with me yesterday afternoon. I like a clean puppy. Now she smells like flowers! Rather than stinky puppy feet.

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  1. Your dream swatch looks gorgeous in SWS! I love what everyone's been doing with that yarn and your scarf is no exception!



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