Saturday, December 02, 2006


We Knittyboarders have received a challenge from SarahJanet of Monkey Pants and Hippo Dignity to post daily for the month of December. And I'm going to try. I don't think they'll all be interesting, but I'll do my best.

Tomorrow, I'll blog my very first completed/nearly completed 'seamstress for hire' garment. A very enjoyable way to earn a couple of bucks! But until then, one of the funniest things - and most disturbing - I have personally witnessed.

A month ago, Hubs and I stopped by the nearby strip-mall coming home (from...somewhere, don't remember) to pick up some lightbulbs and some beer. Hubs went to the beer store for some Old Speckled Hen (nice, English, named after a car) and I went to the drugstore for bulbs, because most of our rooms were pretty dark. I'm standing in line at the cash, and these two highschool aged girls are behind me. And this is what I heard:

Airhead #1: Do you wanna get a 'Thins'? (*the thin Cadbury chocolate bar, marketed for their limited calories*)
Airhead #2: No! There's like a hundred calories in it!
Airhead #1: So?
Airhead #2: That's, like, a lot
Airhead #1: Oh. There's, like, 80 calories in an apple
Airhead #2: I know
Airhead #1: Did you know that there are, like, 1 to 5 calories in a gum?
Airhead #2: Ohmigod!! *!!* (audible shock, I think she stopped smacking her gum)
Airhead #1: I know!! Isn't that, like, the most terrifying thing you've ever heard?
Airhead #2: I chew, like, a hundred gums a week!
Airhead #1: I know!

War, famine, AIDS, political oppression...nothing compared to the calorie content of GUM. Read the whole thing in the worst dumbass, 'valley girl'esque, teenaged voice you can to appreciate it fully. And please note: it's not pieces of gum, it's A gum. Fabulous.

In other news, I've spent the day in my pj's, watching cpac (the Canadian all-parliamentary channel, like C-span) for coverage of the Liberal Party Leadership Convention. I'm not sure how I'll vote next federal election (I think I voted Independant last time around; I was just so unimpressed by everyone else) but I'm enjoying watching the coverage having little personal opinion. It's easier to appreciate it when one is unbiased. But the more I learn about Ignatieff, the more I like him; I'm a neo-Platonist at heart, and the possibility of a 'Philosopher King' of a leader appeals to me. And he's the decendant of Russian nobility (grandfather was Count Paul Ignatieff, Minister of Education to Tsar Nicholas II) so, you know, that's kind of interesting, from a trivia perspective.

Good luck, Mr. Ignatieff and M. Dion.

Check you later, all!

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  1. Eh mah gah! I didn't realize that gums had calories!

    Man, that's hiliarious. These kids are our future. Yikes.



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