Monday, December 18, 2006

Meteorological craziness

The grass outside my house is green.


This just generally sucks. Usually when people around here talk about a green Christmas, they really mean a greyish-brown Christmas, that is, one lacking in snow. Currently, I'm looking at a Christmas greener than Hallowe-en was!!! WTF??!!

Is this some sort of El Nino year? And does anyone know why Blogger won't let me use accents? I feel like a big tool using French and Spanish words without accents.

Oh, yeah, I still knit. I totally frogged that scarf for my sister, and now I'm knitting it again much narrower, possibly too narrow, and possibly on needles just one mm too small - I'm not positive. I do have the purse for her. It's little, but it's pretty adorable, so I think it will be fine if the scarf doesn't get quite finished.

SIL's needle roll...umm, not started yet. But I'm not too concerned, since it should take only a few hours to throw together in my sewing room. I have some lurvely fabric and ribbon to use: I'm looking forward to getting it done! I'm thinking I might try to knit up some wristwarmers for her, too. But we'll see how much time I end up with.

Happy Christmas wishes to you all!

1 comment:

  1. Is that what this is all about El Niño? ;-)

    I'm all psyched because some leaves out back behind our place have decided to turn a color and fall off. Winter doesn't technically start until 12/21...



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