Saturday, December 02, 2006

Old friends

Ok, I just found - finally - my very dear friend Jen's blog. She's brill; give it a check.

And she has Go Fug Yourself and The Superficial linked on her blog as daily reads. I feel sooo much less like a hollow, brainless idjit now!! ('cause, you know, I love that trashy celeb crap!! I hate to admit it, but I'm coming out!! It's true!)

And she has some not-so-flattering insights into Ignatieff. And I generally agree with her personal opinion of people (she having met the candidates on the Hill during her time as a page and a tour guide, I imagine), so I'm allowing myself to be a little more wary. Who wants a slimy party leader? Ooh, not me.

Oh! Justin Trudeau sounded like he just said he'll enter politics "when [he's] ready". Innnnteresting....

I really just want the damned results to come in so I can leave this friggin' living room. I have stuff to do, for pete's sake!

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