Monday, December 18, 2006

Come and Get it!

Or, FETCH it, as the case may be.

Quick post. Decided that needle roll with beaded stitch markers and row marker will be SIL's Christmas gift (probably). But her birthday - remind me to ensure that I conceive my children NOT in the month of March - is on the 22nd. So what will she get for her birthday? Maybe some fetching Fetchings!

MORE leftover Patons Classic, I happened to have needles to knit to gauge, and I'll be adding some grey - possibly around the palm - to make sure I have enough of the Peacock Blue Patons to finish the Fetchings.

Good thing I'm a pretty quick knitter - you know, for a poser-knitter, who's never knit a sock, and has only knit one sweater, EVER - so the Fetchings should be done for Friday, when we meet for Thai food for the SIL's birthday dinner. Of course, I also have to finish (and by that, I mean start) my little cocktail dress for the little cocktail party Hubs and I need to go to for his job on Thursday evening. Ack!

Gotta go. Too much to do!!

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