Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bed-time stories

Or, stories about bedtime.

Which is to say, I'm still sleepy as all get-out. I just realised that I never mentioned my little sleepover at the hospital, nor explained my long period of unemployment. Answers:

For about the last, ooh, let's say 6 months, I have been a zombie. Honestly, it started before that. In fact, I can't remember a time in which I wasn't sleepy or tired or burnt out. This has become my natural state. I don't like it much.

So when my time working at Hubs' office was at an end, we decided that I should take a little time, regroup, figure out what I really wanted to do, and have a break, because I hadn't really taken any sort of break since sometime in early high school (granted, not all that long ago, but still over ten years - yikes!). That was when we realised something was wrong. I slept for ten hours straight, then napped during the day. I slept for twelve hours straight, and napped. I had insomnia issues, and slept for fourteen hours straight, once I was able to sleep. Oh, we thought, this can't be right. And since most places of business will have you work for at least four hours at a stretch, and they usually want you conscious the whole time, working became not so much an option.

To the doctor we go, and she says "Sleep issues. Go do a sleep study." A month later, a fun sleepover at a hospital a 45-minute drive from our home, except for the part about it being fun, or a sleepover, because I didn't feel like I slept much. It was awful, uncomfortable, and possibly a waste of time.

So that is why I am in my house all day, every day. That is why I've started seamstressing. Because I can't stay awake long enough to have a real job. And it's no good, because I miss having a real life, although I do enjoy staying home with my puppy, and baking and cooking yummy things for me and Hubs to eat.

Yesterday, I heard from my doctor's office that the results of the study are in, so she'll discuss them with me in January when I am there for my annual physical. Here's hoping the problem is one easily fixed without weird or costly treatment! In the meantime, I'll be continuing my current practice of pretending to be energetic and lively. So far, I seem to have most people fooled!

So that is my tale of woe. Ok, not so much woe as irritation and moderate poverty. As you may note from several posts ago, I bought a pair of shoes, so obviously we aren't starving, but we certainly eat a lot of chickpeas out the cheap blue cans (whatever, I'm veggie, so I don't mind!). I just thought I should fill in the blanks, because if I was reading this blog, I'd be thinking "Why doesn't that chick go get herself a job?! What a lame-ass!" Maybe I am a lame-ass, but at least now you know why.

Happy Christmas to you all! And to all a good, slumbery, peaceful night!


  1. Hm, now I want to take a nap and eat garbanzo beans!

    Ah, I kid!

    I hope they figure it out for you. It must not be too serious if they're willing to wait to til January to discuss it.

  2. When I was first married I started sleeping a lot too. Days straight. I worked at a before and after care center. I would go in at 6 am, come home at 9am, sleep until three pm, go back to work, come back home at 6 pm and sleep until six am the next morning.

    The stupid dr's put me through all kinds of tests and finally said it was chronic fatigue syndrome. I really thought it was their way of saying they didn't know what was wrong. They gave me anti-depressants.

    That was eight years ago. I'm still tired lol.

    I hope they can give you good answers. If they have the results now I don't know why they don't have you come in now to go over them.



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