Friday, December 08, 2006

I know, I missed another one...

I didn't post anything again yesterday. I'm having no luck, am I? But I was really busy. Here, look at what I did:

All by myself! I've said it before and I'll say it again: IKEA rocks. The Lions Club in Ottawa and IKEA teamed up and are selling balsam firs for $20 in the parking lot. AND, you get a voucher good for $20 at IKEA in the new year! So I didn't buy a tree, I bought another little glass end table, but right now it *looks* like a Christmas tree. Fabulous!

So I drove Hubs to work yesterday morning (half-hour drive) and then went directly to IKEA (a longish drive, but still worth it!) The people there are super: we crazies who were waiting in the snow for them to open were let inside ten minutes early and given coffee! And people were chatty and cheerful and it was lovely. Got my tree from a kind Lions Club gentleman and successfully shoved it into my trunk. Did I ever mention I'm a little shrimp of a person? I'm like 5'2". I bought a 6.5'+ tree! And it's a nice fat one! I'm sure I looked ridiculous battling with it. Whatever; I triumphed!

Then I got my copy of John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas, waiting at a cd shop. Yay! Hubs says "It's cheesey". I said "I don't care if you like it or not: you're going to have to listen to it every year". I put up with a lot of football. He can deal with some Denver!

Hauled the tree home. Stopped off at CTire, got a stand. Lugged the tree out of the trunk to the front steps. Sawed the end of the trunk. Rearranged the living room to make room for the tree, sweeping up entire warrens of dust bunnies, prompting serious allergic reactions that have only recently abated (yeah, I know, if I dusted more frequently, it wouldn't be a problem. I'm lazy). Put the tree in the stand. Got it in the living room - still not entirely sure how I did that without knocking over everything, including the piano - and snipped the twine holding it all folded up. Tree was crooked. Nearly knocked it over and/or broke the stand in the process of righting it. But - again - I triumphed. Boo-yah! And now I have a big, lit, but otherwise naked, tree in my living room, slowly smelling up the house to be all Christmas-y. Yum!

I'm planning to post again later today, since this is essentially yesterday's post. I think I'll put my scholarly cap on for that one. Dig out my brain and see if it still works!

To conclude, when I arrived home with my tree and my cd, I discovered that the dog had opened the bedroom door, and had proceeded to eat my knitting needles. AGAIN. So that is Wembley's Christmas tradition: eating bamboo needles weeks before Christmas while there is a gift ON the needles. She's lucky she's so damned cute. But you see how I end up writing up these posts:

Any wonder they take so long to complete? What a little nut!

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  1. Wow. You put that tree up by yourself? I'm a 5'2" chick myself who has bought 6.5 footers--but there's no way I could have stuck it in the stand and gotten it to sit straight. Impressive!!!

    Ha ha, I'll have to use that football excuse when I crank of Rocky Mt. Xmas and my husband bitches!



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