Sunday, May 06, 2007

Big weeks

Full of lots of busy-ness. I should write a nice long post, but honestly, I'm beat. Also, I am terribly lacking in photos. I was just too busy to remember to take them. Hopefully, I can find pics of my costume for Papagena from the concert Saturday (it's pretty wicked, if I do say so myself) and get a pic or two from my mum of the second half as well (the lurvely sapphire-blue satin).

I had an outrageous time, lots of applause and compliments, which is the sort of validation everyone needs from time to time. I hadn't really performed since last year, so it was good to knock the dust off again. I had such a wonderful time...I really want to give a concert of my own, sing my own repertoire, find my own accompanists and co-singers...maybe someday soon.

A more substantial post to come!


  1. Glad you're all done and things went well!

  2. I turned in grades today. It sounds as if you sang beautifully and looked fabulous, too!



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