Thursday, April 26, 2007

What's new, may ask. I received a phone call yesterday from a government (I honestly can't remember if it was federal or provincial, because really, they're both after me) agency, informing me that my student loan has now defaulted. They want all their money back, now.

So what does that mean? Frankly, I don't know. I don't have any to give them. The Man and I are both ruminating on what to do about this, and while it was very upsetting yesterday, today I am far more focused on getting the dresses for the dancers finished before tomorrow night, and working on my two costumes for next Saturday night's opera concert.

After much consideration, and a trip to the fabric store with my mum, I know what I'm wearing next weekend. It's this one:
We found this fabulous satin - cheap! - in this vibrant, really saturated jewel-blue, somewhere between royal blue and purple. Not quite purple, just almost purple. It's lovely. I am so looking forward to making and wearing it!

In the wake of the phone call, you may ask yourself: "Is it wise to buy fabric for insensible dresses?" Well, yes and no. The fact is, at this point, less than $100 one way or the other isn't making any difference to the people who want to be repaid. That sort of reasoning would certainly cause a great deal of fiscal irresponsibility, but for the purposes of the concert? Not so much. Also, my mommy felt badly for me, and treated me. Thanks MOM!!

Now, I have many hours of sewing to finish. I'd love - love! - to get two dresses finished today. I'm really looking forward to making my Papagena costume. It's just going to be playing with tulle and feathers, and really, who doesn't like that?!

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  1. Money stinks. Well, not having it does. (We just did our budget and realized that our medical bills cost more per month than our grocery bills.)

    I feel your pain.



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