Sunday, May 27, 2007

I have sunshine-y plans!

This weekend was more like two work days. We had our dance school exams! My students all did fairly well, I think (hard to say, as I wasn't in the room of course, and the examiner doesn't give the teachers too many hints on the day of the exams. But I'm hopeful for my girls. I had a good time out at the studio, and all the extra time I spent with my teacher/boss was a real delight, and I feel as thought I truly got to know her better.

And she made me a little offer. Our performing troupe is going on a trip to Russia to dance at a multicultural dance festival (the MacCulloch dancers have been to China, Spain, Belgium - twice, I believe, - France, Mexico - twice, - Scotland several times, Bulgaria...) and this year's group of travellers is sadly lacking in highland dancers. Am I sure I wouldn't like to go? The only reason I hadn't agreed to go was financial, but now I have a good job, and three weeks vacation annually. So sometime this week I'll see if I can use a week or so at the end of the summer!!! How excited am I at the possibility that I'll dance in Red Square?! Oh wow!!

I got a fair bit of knitting done, as well. I am about three inches past the toe increases of the FBIL's kilt hose. I'm hoping that the next few days will see the total completion of the feet; I'm really looking forward to the pattern-work on the legs of the stockings.

And I'm watching Houseboat. Cary Grant and Sophia Loren...charming!

Oh, right...the sunshine-y plans: I'm planning to take pics of the kilt stockings during my lunch hours downtown. Prepare yourself!


  1. I think I'm more jealous that you get three weeks vacation right off the bat!

  2. Sounds awesome! I've never been out of my country. (I have seen Canada, though.)



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