Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May showers bring...May lawns??

I am cold. It has been very rainy for the past 12 hours, and now I am chiiiilly. So I will snuggle up in my first sweater, all wool, and my puppy, with a cup of hot chocolate, my latest project (which I will unveil within the next day or so, hopefully with an accurate free pattern as well!) and watch Lord of the Rings. It's been several months since I watched it, and I love this movie. Howard Shore: will you compose a soundtrack to my life?

Updates: The birthday scarf is coming along twice as slowly as it did the first time. I cast on twice as many stitches, so that tracks. The alpaca stockings....totally stalled. I'm starting to wonder if perhaps I should just knit a teeny shrug out of the alpaca and forget the stockings for now. Hrm. Ummm, I have no other projects on the go, although I have just remembered a promise
to a friend as yet unfulfilled. I should get on that....

Cheerful days to you!

1 comment:

  1. Oh now see, I can't stand Lord of the Rings. I only watch it if I'm allowed to make smart ass remarks. Needless to say I'm not invited to watch it very often. ;-)
    It just bugs me that the Elves are the only culture in that movie that seem to have discovered personal hygiene. Everyone else needs a few quarters for the laundromat and a thorough bath!



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