Thursday, May 17, 2007


To the right, you will see the button for K.A.Y.E - the Kootchie Awareness Yarn Extravaganza. I was fortunate to be the winner of the January drawing by the lovely Bezzie. And I received this:
It's lovely yarn, but I'm not sure what to do with it! I believe I have about 550yds-1/4lb of Midnight Celestial Sock Yarn from Mystical Creation Yarns. It's lovely, sproingy yarn. But do I knit socks, and what pattern? Or do I knit something else, maybe use it in a cardigan somehow? I can't decide.

So this is what I'm doing. Contest! You send me an email at with your suggestions for what I should do with the yarn, and the winner will be the person whose project idea I choose. The prize: a set of stitch markers in a fulled and embroidered stitch marker pocket.

Put on your thinking caps!


  1. I think you should make Devan from Knitty.

  2. Ha ha, shoot. I'm going to not enter because a.) it would probably be a conflict of interest and b.) I have no clue! Hahaha!

  3. You could always send it to me... :0)

    Or you could make a lace scarf - lace would be pretty in that yarn.

  4. Legwarmers! I say knit legwarmers.
    Sorry for the obnoxiously long link!

  5. Hmmm a Branching out might look very nice in that yarn!

  6. A pair of lace knee socks would be gorgeous. The colour variation in the yarn is subtle enough that it wouldn't interfere with a lace pattern, but would still be more interesting than just a solid colour. Then wear them with black sandals and a black skirt, or black boots! It'd be supercute.

  7. Ooh, that is indeedy pretty yarn! You could easily do a lace scarf or small shawl out of that. Diamond Fantasy has a small version that's only 350 yards (tinyurl'ed so it'll fit):
    You could definitely get a Swallowtail out of it. I know it's been done with one skein of Trekking XXL, which is only 460 yards.

    Happy pattern hunting!

  8. how about this shawl?

    i just made one in cherry tree hill supersock...400 yards on size 8s got me to a little less than 5 feet after blocking, so 550 yards should be plenty (or you could cut out one of the four horizontal repeats for a scarf-sized version).

    it's a lovely color--i'm sure whatever you make from it will be gorgeous!



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