Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kilts, or, How I Spent My Weekend

Supervising and helping out at the studio during the dance exams was fun, but resulted in...a lot of empty time. But, lucky me! I have a way to fill that time. Between the weekend and two hours bus riding every day this week, I have made some real headway on the FBIL's kilt hose.


I saw my boss/dance teacher this evening, and she told me that all of my dancers passed their exams, and most did very well. I'm quite pleased!

The new job is going well. We've been keeping "banker's hours" for the past three days, which has made for a nice, gradual way to work myself back into having a full-time job. I am the database master! And I'm enjoying it! Weird...

Hmm, what else...Oh! I should talk about the knitting! Ok, so the feet are almost done. Hopefully I'll be able to get them done tonight while watching the Senators kick some Duck butt!!
Then we start the impressive part: the cables and shaping up the leg! I'm not sure how easy on the brain it will be to try to do all that cabling on the bus. I am thinking of getting a large purse/small bag to facilitate the on-bus knitting. I figure I'll get something biggish to hold the project, charts, stitch markers, along with my usual purse contents and my headphones for my mp3 phone. Oh, cheap vinyl purses! How happy you make me when you actually look like leather!

In other news: I love Vietnamese food. L-o-v-e it. I love that when I go into the little pho shop up the street from our temporary office (where I've been working this week) I get a large pot of tea before I even order. I love the enormous, two-meal-servings, "small" bowls of pho. I love the tofu in their vegetarian offerings. I love that my enormous meals come to way less than $10. I love that the guy who runs the place is so nice and pleasant and friendly and knows me already. I love it!

Wembley pic!


It's horribly blurry, I know. She wouldn't stay still, and my phone-camera has pretty horrendous shutter delay. But doesn't she look like she has a giant smile, a la Dr. Teeth of the Muppet Show?! That was her birthday gift earlier this month (yes, I bought my dog a birthday gift, you want to make something of it?) and she loves it. She particularly likes the squeaky tongue!

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  1. Ok, that is the coolest dog toy ever!



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