Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shruggin' along

So it's still raining, I'm still cold, I'm still working on the shrug, and I'm still watching Lord of the Rings (come on, it's like 11 hours long! Bezzie, if you ever feel like coming to Canada, you can make all the smart-ass comments you want. The Man does it all the time; I'm very accustomed to it!). But I'm hopeful that the shrug will be done by this evening. Sort of depends on whether or not I end up teaching at the studio tonight.

You know what I am really looking forward to doing? Getting a few new knitting books! I leafed through Alterknits when I was at Michael's picking up some el-cheapo stitch markers the other day, and it had some neat ideas in it. Possibly nothing I really need a book to cook up, though; I was digging the ribbon-laced sweaters and wristwarmers, but I'm pretty sure I could add eyelets to my knitting. Still, I may need to make a little trip to Chapters soon to at least ogle some books.

Back to the shrug.


  1. I liked AlternKnits too. But creative exercises? Let's take the creativity out of creativity!

  2. I have AlterKnits and keep meaning to do something out of it but still haven't gotten around to it. Ah well.

  3. Oh, right it had that weird notebook in the front. Odd. Cute patterns at least!



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