Wednesday, April 04, 2007


...this post about my dinner? Well, guess what I'm going to have for lunch. There is no other food in this house that I feel like eating, and the last 18 hours have been stressful. So, apple crisp.

I had a lovely visit with the ever-dreamy Jonathan Woodward. We hung out, ate some food, he met The Man and Wembley, slept on my couch "like a baby", I was told, had toast and coffee in the morning, and bused away on the 136 Local. A short visit, but he's a busy man writing articles for the CBC, Globe and Mail, Time, plus he had to get back for a little more girlfriend-visiting in Toronto before heading home to Vancouver. I have been informed that I must go out west soon. It's another goal to keep in the back of my mind.

It's raining monkeys out here. There is a mud-puddle where my backyard should be, and a lake where the common area between the condos once was. Seriously. There's a chanel system developing, and everything. WET.

Stressful 18 hours. Waiting to hear about a job I interviewed for two and a half weeks ago. Good grief, waiting for a church to make a decision is like waiting for the ERA to pass in the US. It takes for-frickin'-ever. Also, I've had some disturbing news about a friend. A word to the wise: letter-writing isn't always a good idea. You have an opinion: your prerogative. You send it in an email to someone who will be needlessly hurt by it: bad call. Worst part is, I think I was told of the plan to write the email before it was sent, and I didn't say anything to discourage it. Bad on me. But who wants to be attacked for being the voice of moderation? Maybe I'm still a bit doormat-y.

On the upside, though, I have stumbled across this site. Listings of jobs I can feel good about having, rather than feeling guilty that I'm a part of a corporate commercial machine of litigiousness and consumerism. So I'm building up hope that the right job will surface any day now.

And I'm wondering about locations. I like Ottawa, I really do, but what if there is someplace I might like more? I don't know; I've never lived anywhere else. The Man was saying just the other day that he likes living in a capital city, and I agree, it's nice to feel that - even if I'm not involved - I live at the heart of our nation's operations. But I've also heard that the West Coast is lovely, intellectual, and artistic, with a flourishing economy, and Montreal is all of those things, as well, in addition to being a very old city with a wealth of history to it. I don't know. I'm just feeling like I haven't really done anything with myself, and I need to do something, desperately, before the better parts of who I am are so terribly out of use that they are lost. Hrm.

There are funny goings-on in my throat. I am just tired of this nonsense. Get well, damnme! No more sick, kind of sick, a little off, not 100%, residual cough bother. Grrrrr...

I'm going to peel an apple and turn it into something far less healthy. Salut!

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  1. It's raining here too. I'm determined to walk my butt to the corner though to mail some yarn.

    I love the idea you're looking to expand your horizons. At that interview yesterday I think I blew their mind with all the places I've lived. It doesn't seem that weird to me though!



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