Friday, April 13, 2007

I knit faster in my sleep

I had a dream about knitting last night. I think I frogged my lace stocking, and reknit it. And at an impressive speed.

I must miss knitting more than I thought. I haven't done any knitting in a while. Too much sewing, job-hunting, opera rehearsing, stressing, and not enough available yarn (read: no income with which to buy more yarn).

I have applied for a job off that job-listing board I found. Still haven't heard anything, and I'm trying to be optimistic, but it's hard to find optimism without also bringing blind and disappointing hope along for the ride. We shall see.

I've got to go do some laundry. The Man is playing a gig at a coffeehouse and he has me singing a piece with him, so I need something - anything! - to wear.

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