Thursday, April 12, 2007

After another day on the floor

As anticipated, the kidlets started to tire of us last night. They did very, very well, but an hour of artsong and opera, all in original text, and thus, not in English, was a little much for them, though they did seem to enjoy it. To give them a break from all the sitting still, Misty and I sang our Delibes duet while walking laps around the gym. The song is about a walk in a garden, so we "walked in the garden" with the kids. A few slight collisions (when you tell five year-olds to "walk" they often interpret that to mean "run like a mad-man") and some guessing at tempo when we were 20 metres away from - and so, couldn't hear - the piano, but it was fun. I tend to wander in circles when I'm rehearsing at home, anyway, so it worked out fine for me.

Picked up fabric for two more dresses (I'm pretty sick of plaid at this point) as well as some black brocade for my gown for the concert. It was half-off, which is always nice. I'm still not entirely sure it's what I want for the show - I'd really prefer to get some lace yardage, but it's usually horrendously expensive, and I just can't justify it.

Wembley is barking. I have done such a bad job raising my dog to be well-behaved. Meh. I love her; other people don't have to!

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  1. Ooof yeah. 5 year olds either take off running or walk soooo slow!



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