Thursday, April 05, 2007

Something is stirring 'neath that snow...

Did I tell you about the job for which I applied? Riiight...ok. Our church secretary has decided to retire effective May 1, so a replacement must be found. I applied and interviewed for the position. And I have waited for almost three weeks to hear back one way or the other. Today I got word that I wasn't chosen. But honestly, I'm not broken up about it. Because I have applied for another job, a better job, one with room for advancement and one which is also faith-based! Citizens for Public Justice is a Canadian advocacy group, and they need someone to do fundraising administrative work. There would be researching proposals, correspondence drafting, all sorts of things that are right up my alley. And the organization, while ecumenical, is faith-based, the idea being that if our personal faith informs and enstrengthens our desire for social justice, shouldn't we utilize that strength? I'm excited by the prospect of working in advocacy. I think my Humanities studies would even be very applicable! How lovely!

We had some fun last night. Around 8:15, the power went out, and stayed out until after we'd gone to bed. I couldn't surf or watch pointless television, which was refreshing! The Man started reading Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl, and I read more of my feminist theology, and went to bed around 10. It was dark. I got sleepy extra-quickly. This morning, I woke up to electricity and...snow on the ground. ??!! It isn't supposed to snow in April!! How ridiculous! Apparently we can expect more of the same for this weekend. The Almighty obviously has a sense of humour and wit: in celebration of New Life and Rebirth, we'll have snow. Thank you, Jesus, but next year, maybe not so much with the snowstorms, ok?

My mood is hopeful. Now if someone could just explain to the government[s] that I will happily give them back their money as soon as I can, that would be super.

I'm also anticipating tears tomorrow morning. I always cry on Good Friday. We'll sing 'O, Sacred Head, Sore Wounded' and I'll weep silently with the sheer humanity of it all. Death, no matter how necessary or profound, is never easy. Not even for Him.

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  1. Yup sometimes when a door closes another one opens (there's my cliche of the week for you!) Good luck landing the job you really want!



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