Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's fun to stay up late and write posts!

I know, I've been rather silent lately. But I have been so. busy. Sewing for about 6-plus hours a day, with some sort of rehearsal almost every day. I've been finding time to check out other blogs, read disturbing and abhorrent news stories, and check my email, but not to compose posts. Forgive me. Since my last post was all heavy and serious, this one will not be.

Tuesday was my nephew's birthday! He's a big boy of 1. His birthday party was Saturday.

He's such a cutie.

Weather here has been we-ird! This time last week, we were surrounded by snow, following a heavy snowstorm of wet, enormous flakes. It was insane. It was gross. It was late April! By Friday, the weather was so lovely, people were in shorts and sandals, driving around with the windows down, screen doors on houses were open, patios were crammed. Of course, with all my rehearsing and sewing, I enjoyed most of it in a purely theoretical sense: I was glad that it was so nice out, even if I couldn't be out myself. I managed to snag a half-hour outside in the sun on Sunday afternoon, studying my Habanera. So lovely.

Just over a week until the opera. Ack! I'm still not sure what I'm wearing for it. Maybe the red one? Or make something new? Maybe this one (6401, bottom left)? Or this one? Hrm. Either way, cheap is the name of the game. Thank goodness for Fiscal Year End pre-Inventory sales on fabric!

Oh! There has been a change to one of my progress bars (knitting has not been happening lately. When I have spare time, I'm don't want to partake of more fiber arts). The Birthday Scarf for The Man was at about 75% complete, right? And now it's at 0.2% complete. I bit the bullet (where did that phrase come from, anyway?) and frogged it. It was just too short, and there was no way around it. So the 0.2%? I've cast on a bunch of stitches, hopefully about 800. I don't know. I haven't counted yet. I've cast them on, and someday, I will be awake enough at the end of the day, or have some free time in the middle of the day, to count them.

I have an interview next Thursday. Any and all job-getting vibes would be very welcome! It's for a position in the fundraising department of Citizens for Public Justice. Advocacy, NGO, socially conscious work; I so terribly want this job!

And look what I helped make!!



  1. Mmmm...I take it that's your habanero? Mmmm!

    I think I vote for 6401. Simple and classic.

    Good job vibes coming your way!

  2. Ha! How sad that it took me like 30 seconds to get that, Bez. Good grief...

  3. Hello LilKnitter!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. Good to hear from other opera singers. We singin' bloggers gotta stick together, ya know!

    Stop by again and drop me your email if you get a chance.

    Evil Baritone



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