Wednesday, November 30, 2011

serendipity is santa's friend

For my birthday in 2007, Jon gave me a camera. Until then I'd just been using my cellphone (which, for 2006/2007 wasn't too bad, but now would be pretty horrible) and I had an upcoming dancing trip to Russia. It was a good little point-and-shoot, served me well in Russia*, took pictures of Wembley, took pictures of my knitting, pictures of the bump that would turn out to be Peanut, pictures of Peanut, pictures of bump 2.0 which turned out to be Bubby, pictures of Bubby...

The little door that holds the batteries in broke. It wouldn't latch shut. I taped it together with electrical tape. After a while that didn't work well enough, so I had to hold it oddly in order to press the heal of my hand against the door to keep the camera from losing power. The end was near.

Ten days ago I realized I hadn't taken pictures of the girls in a few days and my immediate reaction was: ugh. "That's not right," I thought: "I should want to take pictures of my kids. Maybe I should check Kijiji, just in case there's an affordable camera body listed..."

And there was.


With Christmas nearly here, I was also lucky enough that my father wanted to get me a lens to go with the body. Monday the lens was in my hands.

I'm still figuring it out, since graduating from a point-and-shoot to a DSLR is pretty significant, but it's getting lots of love. You've already seen two shots taken with it on Monday and Tuesday's Advent posts.

almost 7mo
almost 7mo
flying away

Peanut's decided that she doesn't want her picture taken. Ever. I'll have to get some on the sly...

So now everyone is very happy: I'm happy to have such a fabulous new toy, Jon and my father are happy because I took the guesswork out of gift-buying this year, and we're all happy that pictures of the girls, or at least one of them, are being taken again.

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