Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Night Follow

I was recently asked by a family friend for a list of a few blogs that might appeal to a fellow stay-at-home-mum. As I was compiling the list, I realized just how many of the blogs I follow are maintained by fellow dreadie moms. I thought a little Friday Night Follow post was in order and that it might be fun to profile the sites of dreadheaded women.

1. *e* - This transplanted Australian dreadie-momma is earthy and fun. She has three gorgeous kids, a jubilant spirit and a kicking Etsy shop full of upcycled goodies.

2. Bohogirl - I really adore this woman's words and images. Lots of beauty. Their adoption story will absolutely warm your heart. And she lives in a home where deer wander up to the front door. Magical.

3.::life inspired:: - I had the good fortune to "meet" this momma on some years ago when Peanut was just a wee peanut. In fact, I knew her on TBW long before she and I had dreads! She and her husband live with their four beautiful children in Utah and her photos make me want to move there. Seriously. To Utah.

4. MilagroGirl - This lovely woman may not currently have dreads, but up until very recently she did, so I'm counting her. Her blog is a great, great read. Reflecting on the beauty and truth in every woman, her posts are really worth reading and carrying around in your heart and your head through the day. Lots of food for very good, deep, life-giving thought here.

5. Walk Slowly, Live Wildly - Ah, Sara Janssen. I first encountered her through my birth junkie friends on Facebook when the photo montage of her second child's birth went around and I've been following her blog ever since. A person of great faith, conviction and exuberance, her enthusiasm for living outside the box - even literally: they're nomadic! - is deeply inspiring to me. Currently situated on a Colorado mountainside while expecting their third baby, her blog makes me want to sell everything and live in an RV. And then drive to Colorado to play in the mountains.

6. The Organic Sister - Tara Wagner's blog is about as close to self-help as I get. A life coach, Tara writes about connecting with ourselves, our partners and our children in a truthful, authentic, whole-hearted way. Affirming, reflective and spirited, her words almost never fail to get me really, really introspective. Lots of soul-searching with this one. Plus, another nomad! She, her husband and their son have been travelling for over a year.

So those are six of the blogs I follow, all written by dreadheaded mommas. Why do I seem to gravitate to other dreadies? It's an interesting question, one I've asked of myself a number of times. I'm not quite sure I have the answer, but I have some ideas. I'll save them for an upcoming post. Happy blog-hopping!

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention here. Dreadie mama's warm my heart.



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