Thursday, December 01, 2011

December Photo Project 2011

Look at the left sidebar. Yeah, aaaaall the way up at the top. See that? I'm participating in the December Photo Project of 2011. I've got a new camera, I'm still mostly clueless as to how best to use it, so the challenge won't just be to get a photo and post it every day but to get a half-way decent photo. And to hopefully have it reflect this season, this family, this life of ours. We shall see.

If you're interested in participating just click the badge and sign up. There's also a Facebook page and we have a hashtag: #DPP2011. I'll be posting one photo a day until Christmas Day, which means that now I'm committed to posting two daily posts for the duration of Advent. Plus whatever else I feel like talking about. My, my.

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