Sunday, November 20, 2011

Looking ahead

Now that Peanut and I are solidly mended I am able to look ahead at the coming week. Things to do in this next week (in no particular order, and with no room for self-shaming if I don't accomplish everything):

1. Plan a daily advent activity for our family. Something nifty but reflective to help us focus on the season.
2. Get out of the apartment. We've been cooped up in here for days and, to be quite honest, Peanut is starting to get a little wrangy (this is a word I use. I think it's a real word. Just go with me on this one) as a result. Kid needs some air!
3. Build a fort. We've never built a fort in the living room and I think this might be the week for it.
4. Decorate. Ooh, baby, I love Christmas festoonation (again with the non-real words. Consider it a theme).
5. Dig out the sewing room. Remember how it looked back at Easter? Well, I bought some shelves, put all sorts of stuff on them...and the room still looks no better. Where does all the stuff come from?! Maybe I should also...
6. Get rid of some stuff. Or not. Whatever.
7. Christmas sewing! I'm very excited about this. I have fabric for a new dress for Peanut and fabric for a Christmas stocking for Bubby.
8. Find the final piece to my new toy (I'm saving this for a whole separate post: it's also very exciting). Then commence playing with new toy (you'll actually benefit from this one: just wait for it).

Hrm. My list is looking kind of big. Well, maybe the sewing room stuff won't happen this week. That's fine, there's plenty of time. But getting outside and building a fort will have to happen. Priorities, you know.

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