Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monday's child

Is fair of face.

crazy Glynis blog

Er, fair of face.

Glynis smile

Happy birthday to my rapidly growing girl. Three years of joy and the unexpected. Three years of excitement and fun. And now you are a big sister, and a loving, caring, considerate one at that. You never cease to amaze us.

glynis and scarlet comp

Happy birthday, Peanut!!


  1. Aunt S3:17 PM

    Pics 1 and 3 have riotously great expressions, still I'd have to say #5 would be my classic fave suitable for framing. She looks so happy and knowing in it. A wise soul indeed.

    Much love to your family,

  2. the eyelashes! the curls! certainly fair of face :o)
    and a wonderful big sister, you can tell!

  3. GG Mama8:33 AM

    First time I've seen those pics. All wonderful. She loves her baby.



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