Sunday, May 08, 2011

And here we are

Born at 7:13 am May 3rd, after less than 3 hours of active labour (there's a pretty involved story: just wait for it).  Our homebirth became a hospital birth for cause, hence the story, but all went very well.  17 hours shy of 37 weeks in the belly, and a healthy 6lb 4oz at birth.

Scarlet Elizabeth Ruth, heretofore known as...


Scarlet - Two days old


  1. You may not be necessarily happy with the path to get there, but the results are amazing! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats! She's a cutie! (Was there any real doubt though? ;-) )

  3. YOU WIN!!! :)
    congrats! She is just beautiful. I'm sorry your birth didn't go as planned...curious to hear the story.
    And....scarlet is currently running neck and neck with olive as name potential! Too funny :)

  4. okay, i came back today maybe looking for a good birth story (no pressure! hehe)
    instead i spent some more time looking at your little scarlet (saw it originally on my much more fun to see it bigger on the computer).

    i'm so jealous :(
    i've been having tons of ctx...some enough to really stop me in my tracks. midwife appointment today...we'll see.
    enjoy your babymoon!

  5. Oh how gorgeous! Congratulations.



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