Friday, March 30, 2007

Protestant Work Ethic?

Late last night, I decided that I really wanted to be productive today, and feel, when I went to bed, that it had been a day well spent. So I made a list:

1. Rise early enough to get a good start at the day, ie no later than 8:30. Anything later feels like indulgence.

2. Eat a good breakfast, preferably something involving the free free-range eggs my mother brought me (thank goodness for family friends with farms!)

3. Exercise. I did a short 20 minute pilates work out the other day, and I've been hurting since, which just goes to prove how not in shape I am.

4. Finish cleaning the backyard. The snow has melted (yay!) and the many strata of winter puppy-poop have all settled on the still-frozen grass. Now is the time to get rid of it, before everything melts and gets mushy and gross[er].

5. Proper warm up and long rehearsal. I have opera staging on Sunday, and I cannot show up sounding as unrehearsed as I am. Faking can only get you so far.

6. Laundry. That's about the it. Laundry.

7. Maybe some tidying - bedroom, living room, aw hell, the whole house needs a good going over.

8. Downtown! Going to get my hair coloured! Oh, rootless bliss! I plan, also, to purchase a mildly expensive and luxurious coffee while there. I haven't gotten a new pair of shoes, jeans, socks or underwear in more months than I care to count; I'm getting a damn coffee.

9. Work on sewing projects. These are time-sensitive, plus they earn me money, so they really should get finished sooner rather than later.

10. IOLANTHE! I'm going with Carli from choir. She's a sweetheart, a year younger than me (whichis remarkable considering my relative youth and the traditional age of church choirs). I know a few members of the cast, so it should be cool. Plus, Gilbert & Sullivan, always a good time!

And that was al I could think of to have a fulfilling day. Since it was after 1, I figured I should get to sleep if I was actually get all this done. Besides, I did want to get the first 3 out of the way before 10 so I could watch Cityline (Fashion Fridays! Yippee!). Good chance to do me blogging and me emailing.

On the employment front: I hear from the church next week. Honestly, it seems a little crazy to me that I was hired for my last three jobs - including two lawfirms - in less time than it's taken them to decide on this one position. Oh, the joys of church committees. Wish me luck (Is that heretical? Ok, then, wish me...Providence? That feels good and Calvinist).

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