Saturday, March 17, 2007

A little late

Pattern: Number 20 from VogueKnitting Fall Issue 2006
Yarn: Merino/Mohair/Silk blend
Source: Wool 'n' Things, Ottawa
Needles: 5mm 20" Clover Bamboo Flex

I realised recently that I haven't blogged my sweater! I knit it up fairly soon after Christmas of yarn I found in a $5 basket at my LYS, Wool 'n' Things. But, see, here's the problem: I don't keep a knitting log. A knitting BLOG, yes, obviously, but I haven't started logging things as I'm doing them, just after I'm done. And now I see the error of my ways; henceforth I will amend them. The point is, I can't remember what the yarn was called. I know the ball bands had a picture of a merino ram (it had horns). It's a soft and lovely merino/mohair/silk blend, and is wonderfully soft with a very light halo.

I altered the pattern a little. Instead of knitting the body entirely of stocking stitch and using a turn-under hem, I knit in 3X1 ribbing for about 13". The sleeves needed some serious shortening to make them fit (apparently I have short arms, I had no idea) and knit in 3X1 ribbing instead of 2X2 because it just looked nicer. And I added about a quarter-inch of 2X2 ribbing to finish off the cowl, because I didn't like the way it was curling when I cast off in stocking stitch (as the pattern called for).

And at first...I wasn't sure if I LOVED the sweater. I liked it. But I just wasn't in LOVE with it. Wore it a few times, washed it (how I adore Eucalan!) and blocked it again. Better. A few more wears, washed it and blocked it, put it on this morning, and I am hopelessly in love with this sweater! The cowl gets nicer and nicer after every blocking, the body get smoother, and the stitches just fit together better. Which is, after all, the point of blocking a sweater, isn't it?

As you can see, it's cozy and warm (that's today's late winter snowstorm you see in the pics) and acceptable clothing for the wrangling of puppies!

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