Saturday, March 31, 2007

Make up your minds that grief 'twill bring, if you've two beaux to every string!

Hmm, many unrelated things to write about.....where to start?

Let's start with my masterful list from yesterday morning. It was an interesting idea but, uh, not entirely successfully. I got about 5 1/2 things done. I was up at 8:10, I worked out, I had a super-yummy omelet, with cheddar and basil and loads of onions (I'm a fan of the one egg to one onion ratio....soooooo good). Then, well, then the internet swallowed me whole. I got a message from my friend from undergrad, whose blog I found the other day (I can gradually relieve my guilt, now!) and one from another undergrad friend who will be in Ottawa in two sleeps!! And there were things to read: knitty blogs and feminist articles and other good things. And that whole post to publish. So I didn't end up getting dressed to leave the house until 11.

My hair's coloured, hallelujah! No more roots. And since I was down there, a little shopping/wandering seemed to be in order. I got some underwear, it was on sale. By the time I came home, it was after 5. So that whole "long practice" thing? It didn't really happen. I warmed up earlier, and had time to do about 4 runs of my Magic Flute duet (it's like 2:44 long). Then: Iolanthe! And hoo, I've got things to say about that.

The Savoy Society puts on a fantastic show. They perform out of the Centrepointe Theatre, a smallish theatre in Ottawa's west end. Staging exclusively G&S, their opera's feature fully built sets, fairly elaborate costuming, extras, and a small orchestra of musicians. And their production of Iolanthe last night was brilliant. For an amateur company, they do a truly impressive and entirely enjoyable job. The choreography was delightful, the rewrites (shots at Belinda Stronach) were witty and the entire evening was totally winning. I've worked with some of the cast, and they all did smashingly, though particularly Mac, who sang the part of the Chancellor and was totally and utterly hilarious. A big bravo to him!!!

It got me thinking: why didn't I audition for them this season? As much as I'm enjoying the music I'm singing with Bytown, staging a full opera in a proper theatre would be a greater accomplishment. Ah well, Carmen and Papagena this year, and I'll rethink things for next season.

It's nearly noon, and I haven't eaten (I foresee another omelet in my near future) but I have worked out (muscles are sore; I'm rather proud). Plan for today: everything I didn't get to yesterday, plus some frivolous esthetic things involving hair and nails.

Does anyone else notice a difference in typing with nail polish versus without? Because I do...

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