Tuesday, December 13, 2011

dpp 2011 | baby-led

dec 13

We are big, big fans of the baby-led weaning approach to infant solids. Rather than feeding pureed foods we offer our babies appropriate finger foods and allow them to self-feed. It's messy, true, but it's wonderful to watch the learning and developing happen. It's also very reassuring to know that they will never eat solids before their body is physically prepared to do so and we'll never inadvertently over-feed or feed them something they dislike.

With Peanut we discovered that she had some sort of sensory issue with food. It took months of work and patience, all while watching her lose more and more weight, but by the time she hit her second birthday she was - finally! - eating solid foods and was starting to transition away from nursing 8 times a day. Bubby, though, is a very enthusiastic eater! Carrots, potatoes, clementines, apples, rice pasta...and all without teeth. One of her big favourites is the potatoes from my Gaeng Garee Gai. You should hear her slurp the curry off the potato!

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