Thursday, December 22, 2011

tear it up

We rarely get Christmas cards. I think it's a generational thing: with the exception of two letters, all of my correspondence in the past year has been online. Last night, though, we had a card in the mail from Jon's aunt and uncle. And for some reason, Peanut really, really wanted to rip it to pieces. I have no idea why, since it was pretty out of character. Still, she really wanted to tear it up, but letting her do so seemed disrespectful and wrong and besides, we so rarely get Christmas cards it would be a shame to destroy the one we have.

But we also had about 6 multiple-page flyers and ads. And we were just going to recycle them anyway...

dec 22.1
dec 22.2
dec 22.3
dec 22.4

The mess was impressive, and it greeted me this morning, too. But why not, right? I could use the homeschool-y jargon and tell you we engaged in sensory play - which it was, of course - but mostly I just wanted the girls to have fun, and fun they certainly had.

They're young once. And the mess took all of 3 minutes to clean up, even with Bubby creeping around in the middle of it and Peanut "helping". As they grow and learn I find myself learning to let go and roll with things. The better I am able to do so, the happier we all are, and the most unexpected and blessed moments we have together.

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