Friday, December 16, 2011

dpp 2011 | dough

"just like Mommy does"

We made salt dough ornaments today.

I recently read this post and knew that I wanted to do this with Peanut. So yesterday we trundled off, the three of us, through the rain and the wind and the rush hour crowds, to the dollar store. We did some Christmas shopping (yes, at the dollar store because Christmas shopping with a 3yo at a dollar store filled with entirely random stuff is, frankly, hilarious) and got some supplies for salt dough ornaments as well as my funky gift wrapping plan for this year (which you'll probably see in a post in the next day or two). Today we played with dough.
ready to make dough
sleeping through the excitement
it's serious work, painting
"a little bit"
salt dough people
salt dough aftermath
A lovely little memory with my girls.

my darling
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