Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soft, or, More baby content!

baby material1bbaby material 2b
More baby stuff. The local fabric chain (it's a land of fabric!) is having a giant anniversary sale, so I decided that it would be wise to start picking up fabric for zee behbeh. On the left we have three flannelettes, in one-metre squares each for receiving/swaddling/burping blankets: a very soft and very lovely space-dyed fabric in blues and greens (The Man's choice), a nice cream with funky spots in blues and browns, and a chartreuse, cheeky monkey print! On the right we have bedding fabrics/fabric for the baby's room: a heavier-than-average quilting cotton in brown with a turquoise dot, and a finer quilting cotton in chartreuse with brown 'trees' (I think they're tree-like) and squiggles, and white and turquoise swirls. So pretty!! And they match unbelievably well, too. I got the brown and turquoise dotted fabric for about $2 a metre, so I bought 7 m of it! That should be ample material for crib, a fabric-covered pin-board, and possibly a diaper bag (I have a design hatching in my brain, and it is awesome!).

If you're thinking that you can guess what we're having based on the colour scheme, guess again. We have no idea, and we aren't finding out until this kid is out, either! I like the gender-neutralness of the fabrics: I don't want to impose my own uber-girliness on a daughter just because she happens to have the same sort of parts as I have (and truly, I can be pretty girly).

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  1. Monkeys!!!!!!! Love it!

    I didn't find out what Chunky was either till he was ripped from my loins. Hee hee, surprised the hell out of Dr. MS when Chunky showed up sporting a penis. He could have sworn he was a girl!



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